Located half hour outside of Belize City, hidden along the Caribbean Coast, lies an old Colonial Estate aptly named Smuggler's Run Plantation. Whether you are looking for a relaxing laid-back retreat, or are out for fun and adventure, there is something here for everyone.

Smuggler's Run is a 1000 acre Plantation, bursting with verdant tropical vegetation. The Plantation has evolved throughout the centuries, first as Mayan Settlement, then on to become a Bucaneer (Politically correct word for "Pirate") Logging Camp, and more recently (1920's) a British Colonial Plantation exporting Limes and coconuts back to the United Kingdom for manufactoring delicate English tea biscuits. In addition to the beautiful natural jungle surroundings, there are a variety of rolling green, fruit orchards such as mango, grapefruit, tangerine, lime and an exotic local variety of apple that taste something like a cross between an apple and a pear. (seasonal).

The area plays host to a colorful array of wildlife including many species of birds, white tailed deer, green iguanas and much more. The Plantation affords the enthusist close up interaction with wildlife and an array of domestic animals. We are very aware of how important our wildlife is to the country of Belize and the world in general, and are in the planning stages of setting up projects to breed and release Green Iguanas and Yellow head Parrots. We hope to continue such projects again in the near future.

Smuggler's Run offers a wide variety of tours set amid the lush greenery that is Belize. Discover the best of Belize by using tours to include Horseback riding, river tours, and jungle bicycle adventures, to name but a few. For the nature lover who may want a more relaxed adventure we have rainforest trails, Butterfly Experiences, Birding Packages and so much more.

Just because you find yourself in the middle of the Jungle does not mean that you must live like a savage. Enjoy fine dining as early English explorers once did but also use our more modern facilities to access the services and creature comforts of home. Essential services include equipment rentals (such as binoculars and cameras), postal services, modern bathroom facilities, first aid and so much more.

After your rainforest, ruin, or water adventure, we make sure that you have the opportunity to experience excellent dining and watering destinations right here on the Plantation! Enjoy the famous Belizean Rice & Beans, Belikin Beer and perhaps some Key Lime pie at our restaurant and bar facilities. Sift through our musical library find, and record that Caribbean Song you have been wanting for so long while you sip an expresso or enjoy "High Tea".

Please visit our Tours & Attractions page for further information about things you can see and do at Smuggler’s Run Plantation.

Smuggler's Run Plantation is a one-stop destination for all travelers who are looking for adventure, relaxation, shopping, fine dining and unforgettable memories all amid our green tropical paradise. We look forward to welcoming you to Belize!



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